29th - 31th July 2022 E-Bike Test

During the Tignes & Val d'Isère E-Bike Festival, don't miss our e-bike tests. This is a unique opportunity to discover the latest models on the market. In the heart of Val d'Isère and Tignes, more than 30 renowned brands in the e-bike industry will present their new products.

E-MTB: Electric mountain bike adapted to mountain trails
E-Gravel: Multi-purpose electric mountain bike adapted to roads and off-road tracks alike
E-Road: Electric bike adapted to the road


Paved road or 4x4 tracks

Gentle slope without any obstacles


4x4 tracks

Wide paths


Technical tracks, Single tracks

Forest sections, roots & rocks


Very technical tracks, Single tracks

Steep sections, roots & rocks

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   29th - 31th July 2022
Freepik   Avenue du Prariond - Val d'Isère
Place centrale - Tignes


   Open to all from 14 y.o. (Novice to Advanced)


   20 min to 40 min loops



 25 EUR / day (Helmet use is mandatory. Helmets are not provided.)

Provide a valid identity document (passport, identity card, driving license)

Green Trails

Green tracks are made for you if you're looking for a first feel an E-bike with small elevation gain and smooth terrain.


You can below the profile of the three green courses :


Name Distance Estimated Time  Elevation Level Resort
Tour du Lac 3,5 Km  20 Min +46/-42m  level green Tignes
E-Zère Aval 4 Km  20 Min +/- 35m  level green Val d'Isère
E-Zère Amont 3,5 Km 20 Min +/- 45m  level green Val d'Isère


Detail :

- Tour du Lac : Bucolic ride around Lake Tignes, ideal for a first e-bike experience and getting to grips with your bike before venturing off the beaten track... Easy terrain mainly on a cycle path

Blue Trails

Blue tracks are made for you if you're looking for a short and friendly loop with easy uphill and downhill sections.


You can find below the profile of the four blue courses :


Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level Resort
E-Chofman-full 2,8 Km 20 Min +120/-123 m Level blue Tignes
E-Cow Lanta 7 Km 30 Min +/-156 m Level blue Tignes
Wood E-Wood 4,2 Km 25 Min +/- 83 m Level blue Val d'Isère
Flower Power 5,5 Km 25 Min +/- 183 m  Level blue Val d'Isère


Detail :

E-Chofman-full : A little longer version of the trail that goes around the Lake Tignes, which takes you a bit higher in altitude around the resort. Slightly more technical passage, first turns on a real mountain bike trail…

- E-Cow Lanta : Let's go for an alpine adventure in an exceptional natural environment. Easy climb to reach a high point overlooking Lake Chevril. Essential photo break at the #TIGNES sign! Unmissable family outing for a first real e-bike experience!

Red Trails

If you're confident on an E-bike, red tracks are your choice. With short steep climbs, a few technical sections, you will discover the advantages of the E-Bike.


You can find below the profile of the four red courses : 

Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation  Level Resort
Gun Powder 6,6 Km 35 Min +/-284 m level red Tignes
Daï Daï 5,4 Km 30 Min +/- 189 m level red Val d'Isère
Rongo Mongo 6,6 Km 30 Min +/- 314 m  level red Val d'Isère


Detail :

- Gun Powder : We change sector to sink into the Paquis valley. Climb straight up the slope which allows you to test the limits of your e-bike! Descent via the Gunpowder trail, with a smile guaranteed on your face in this descent with an incomparable flow!

Black Trails

You are comfortable on a E-bike and you really want to push it to their limit? Then the black trails are made for you ! Narrow and technical, steep climbs are the essence of these black tracks.


You can find below the profile of the two black courses :


Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level Resort


Gravity Trail 

3,3 Km 30 Min +/-210 m  level black Tignes

Val d'Isère 

Gravity Trail

5,1 Km 25 Min +/- 280 m  level black Val d'Isère

Detail :

- Tignes Gravity Trail : A gentle start to reach a little gem of a single track in the valley of Glattiers above Lake Chevril. To then cycle up, along the Via Alpina, a magnificent balcony path above Tignes.
Road Test

If you would like to experience you E-Bike on all terrains we offer you road circuits to enjoy a nice a smooth ride.


You can find below the profile of the E-Road trails :



Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level Resort
E-Road Trail 1  9 Km 30 Min +/- 500 m level red Val d'Isère
E-Road Trail 2 16 Km 1H 30 Min +/- 1000 m  level black Val d'Isère